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Co-Parenting Holiday Break


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Winter break is almost here. With millions of people now vaccinated for COVID-19 and travel is no longer discouraged. Parents are ready to take their kids on a long-distance trip or out-of-state to visit distant families. But how do newly divorced parents manage the holiday break schedule?

 Holiday Schedule

Usually, parents will dictate what custody will look like in a parenting plan or marital settlement agreement.  For example, co-parents might alternate who has custody of the kids for Easter or Thanksgiving. However, if you celebrate Christmas it can get tricky as both parents would want to enjoy time with their kids on this holiday, and navigating this with a licensed NJ Family Law attorney would be beneficial.

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Holidays can be stressful and you and your kids deserve to relax and enjoy them. However, it is imperative you and your co-parent adhere to the provisions of your parenting plan and notify the other parent of the change of plans. If your ex is not honoring your custody order or is threatening to take your children, contact our attorneys at Eveland and Foster, LLC.

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